JB Balensya Gourmet S.L. is a company inside the , a traditional family-owned enterprise founded in 1946, which today is run by the son of the founder.

Proud to be the worlds number one tiger nut company, the creation of the Balensya brand intends to share the passion for this dry fruit and the century’s tradition it involves. With an exceptional tiger nut Oil as flagship product, the company tries to globally expand the knowledge of tiger nuts, which are so typical of Valencia and so deeply rooted in the Spanish culture.

The group is based in Puzol, a small town north from Valencia, where over 15,000m2 facilities are dedicated to the curing process of tender tiger nuts collected from the valencian Horta Nord, all of them under the . Moreover, 8,000m² of warehouse space, equipped with top technology, are committed to optimal preservation and handling of all products.

Our clients include some of the most famous horchata artisans in Spain and dairy product industries in Europe.

Natural Foods

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