The Egyptians where the first to discover the exceptional properties of the tiger nut oil and started using it to cook sweet meals and to make aromatic balsams, together with other ingredients. This is verified from the recipes that appeared in the hieroglyphics found by archeologists in Edfu and Philae.

The most important recipe was named Kephi, elaborated in the means of a complicated formula composed by 16 different aromatic ingredients, one of them tiger nut oil, used as an offer to the god Ra.

On the other hand, some centuries later the romans used tiger nuts to produce wine and other special oils, like it is said in “Geoponica”, edited in the tenth century in honor of the emperor Consantino Porfirogeneta. Tiger nuts where seen to have curative properties.

Another historic reference of the use of the tiger nut oil, are the interesting aphrodisiac properties given by the agronomist Ibn al Awwam in his agriculture book in the twelve century.

Nowadays, the tiger nut oil is more recognized, appreciated and extended than ever. This is due to it being higjly used in haute cuisine and in the cosmetics world.

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