Our prime product is the essence of a genuine family tradition, which starts with the pleasure of personally checking the quality of our harvest, in the fields, in the cold and rainy months of winter. Also, the perseverance and dedication given in the slow and rigorous drying process in which the tiger nuts are moved around in the ‘cambras’ continuously for approximately six months. And finally, the meticulous effort of choosing manually, one by one, the best tiger nuts. These are the first steps of a method that has been passed on from generation to generation.

These are the tiger nuts that we use to produce this fine extra virgin tiger nut oil, obtained from a thorough to maintain all its properties and its potential.

Tiger nut oil has an acute yellow color with green reflections. Its fruit aroma and its subtle sweet and exotic flavor, are along with its huge content in vitamin E (natural antioxidant), its most admired virtues. The that the oil is of an exceptional quality.

The process ends when we bottle the oil in a slim dark green bottle to keep the product away from the sunlight and maintain its conditions, until our clients, in which we find some of the most famous chefs in the world, can taste it.

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