We are a valencian company and have been dedicated to the growing and selling of tiger nuts since 1946, so there is no possible doubt that we are specialists in the world that surrounds this dry fruit. Our tiger nuts are unquestionably the best that can be found.

Proof of this is the use of our tiger nuts by the most remarkable Spanish horchata artisans, which trust our tiger nuts selection to elaborate the horchata that makes them famous among their clientele.

For the most uncompromising clients, Balensya offers small top quality valencian D.O. tiger nuts in jute sacks, which can be employed to make home horchata, as an appetizer after hydrating them several hours in water, as a complement for a dish or as an ingredient in a certain recipe. We know you will love them!

Find the small D.O. tigernuts jute sacks in our store now!

Jose Maria Bou